Benefit and Disadvantages of Installing Laminate Flooring in Your Bedroom

Installing Laminate Flooring in Your Bedroom

There are so many things you can do in your bedroom, where the tired end and sleep start. Especially for the young generation, they tend to spend their time in the bedroom for various reason.

Whether they watch a series or doing some task from college or school, they love to do it in their bedroom.

Understanding that bedroom convenience should be considered, you have to decorate it comfortably.

One of the things you should pay attention to decorate your bedroom is about the flooring.

It’s an important thing about your bedroom because the flooring becomes an actor in your room design and style.

If you now seeking to install laminate flooring in your bedroom, you can read our article below to make you know the benefit and disadvantages of installing laminate flooring in the bedroom.

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The Benefit: Affordable Price

We know that laminate flooring is the cheapest beyond all flooring. Their durability can be compared with engineered wood flooring to hardwood flooring.

Although they didn’t have a good quality as the other flooring, laminate flooring may be suitable for every flooring.

They have 5 grades to determine which you can pick one of them and use it in your room.

How can we know that?

Each grade has its specifications, from low traffic to mass traffic.

So, it will make you easier to choose.

The main benefit of installing the laminate flooring in your bedroom is they have an extremely affordable price.

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Even if you buy 20 square per feet, you still can spend approximately $24 for that.

And because the room that you want to install is the bedroom, you won’t be spending much money on that.

You can pick the AC1 type for the bedroom as for the traffic is not in mass condition.

The Benefit: Unlimited Design

Do you know how much design and styles offered by the laminate flooring company?

It can’t be counted. If we gathered all the pattern, style, and design from all over the brands, it must be over than 1 thousand design.

It’s real because each brand even has 128 styles that divide into a few parts. Besides that, they also have tons of colour.

From bright to dark, from pastel to eccentric, you will never run out of colour if you decide to install laminate flooring in your bedroom.

Aside from collection, they also have particular styles. If you like European styles, then you can choose Germany or Austrian home design.

It resembles the European style. Or if you want the Nordic style, maybe you should choose a cold-ice colour in your bedroom.

It will make you feel like a wake up in winter. Any specific region may be reserved in a particular brand that has its specialty.

The Benefit: Easy to Install and Treatment

Another benefit when installing laminate flooring in bedroom is they are really easy to install.

You don’t need any professional again if you understand the DIY steps of installing laminate flooring.

Moreover, if your laminate flooring has the automatic locking system and attached pad. You only need rubber to ensure the gaps close and make each of the laminate flooring united.

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Unless you don’t have enough time to install it by yourself, you can the professional to install the laminate flooring.

As for the treatment, you need to place a rug on specific areas that have mass traffic.

Since it’s a bedroom laminate flooring, the resistance of weight may not as good as the living room laminate flooring.

So, you need to place a rug to make your laminate flooring in a steady and good condition.

It’s exceptional if you use the AC3 type in your bedroom. It could handle medium traffic in your room.

You can use your rug only to make the room clean.

The Disadvantages: Noisy Flooring

Now if we look at the disadvantages, the laminate flooring is quite noisy when someone steps on that. That is because the laminate flooring is kind of touched directly to subfloor and has a stiff material.

The sound of people doing activities will be heard very clearly if the laminate flooring doesn’t cover with any materials.

As a preventive action, you can put the rug in your laminate flooring to reduce the noise.

You can also add the noise reduce layer to resist the sound of stepping.

It will be effective enough if you have babies because the sound won’t make them wake up in the middle of the night when you go to the kitchen to make some snacks.

A special feature of underlayment will also help you to reduce the noise. Pick the underlayment that has noise reduction.

Besides it will make your laminate flooring stronger, it could lessen the noise.

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The Disadvantages: Prone to the scratches

Do you have a pet in your house and they love to scratch everywhere?

The standard laminate flooring usually didn’t support anti-scratch in their coating, so there’s a chance your laminate flooring will be damaged if your pet playing with that.

The toys seem not a great way to make the pet forget about the floor, but you may choose an AC3 type of laminate flooring with double coating.

The Disadvantages: Standard-to-Low Quality and Not Recyclable

We can say, the laminate flooring is quite standard quality.

Differ from hardwood or engineered wood flooring, they create from medium to premium material while laminate flooring creates with standard material.

So, it’s understandable if the floor damaged easily. Although the laminate flooring use recycled materials in the process of making, their product is not recyclable.

That’s why, if we use it, it would be wasting. But few brands already have a green initiative, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Besides the pros and cons regarding bedroom installation for laminate flooring, you need to know how to take care of your laminate flooring.

If we compare it to another flooring, the laminate flooring maintenance is considered easy to clean. You may not be allowed to use a wet mop, but you can take care of it with some tools that can be found easily.

You can buy microfiber cloth and laminate flooring cleaner to clean the laminate flooring.

Don’t forget to dampen the microfiber cloth, not dip it in the water.