Reasons Why Laminate Flooring is Suitable for Your House

Laminate Flooring is Suitable for Your House

In the early 2000s, there is so many house materials to use in the house. For example, the trendy wall decoration like wood wall decoration and mirror to make your living homespure more comfortable. Or, laminate flooring that the popularity arises in 1997 and begin to know by people in 200s.

To be spoken, people start to develop new things for the material house. They already come to sense creating a new style for a new era of the house design.

As for today, laminate flooring becomes one of the best options to floor your house.

We could say, laminate flooring is an invention that allows people to choose a lot of design but the budget is still affordable for flooring. Unlike the hardwood, laminate flooring is easier to be cleaned and installed.

If you wonder the rest of why laminate flooring reasons is suitable and will surely lovely to install in your house, let’s check the explanation below.

1st Reasons: Laminate Flooring Cost

If we compare it to the hardwood or engineered flooring, of course, the laminate flooring has more affordable price rather than the rest of the flooring. As for one square of the foot for hardwood, the price range from $8 – $10.

It does not include the cost of installation, protection, and maintenance you should spend for the proper use of hardwood flooring.

Meanwhile, the engineered flooring cost from $6 – $9 for per square of the foot.

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Because they only use real wood on its surface, the price is lower than the hardwood flooring. Using real wood in surfaces doesn’t mean they don’t have quality.

Actually, they are better than the hardwood if it comes to installation, construction, and appearance.

The thin layer and underlayment support each other and glued without need any nails or glue again.

In another hand, laminate flooring average price is $3 – $5. It’s cheaper from the other flooring, but their quality can be compared with hardwood flooring and engineered flooring.

You can buy twice of laminate flooring when you decide to not choose engineered flooring. It’s even thrice if you eliminate hardwood flooring in the options.

Why is it so cheap?

The reasons lie in the recycle materials in laminate flooring and bulk process of making.

2nd Reasons: Laminate Flooring Durability

The durability of laminate flooring shouldn’t be questioned again. Using many features in their material, laminate flooring is compatible with a modern house or to decorate the house with a minimal budget.

You’ll get a bunch of middle-quality laminate flooring with a standard budget.

If we see it from laminate flooring construction, they have an underlayment that can be directly adjusted to the subfloor.

While the other flooring can’t provide that, the laminate flooring give their customer extra options.

How could underlayment make the flooring durable?

The attached layer makes it more resistant, whether from water or heat. There are also brands that provide an ultra-locking system to make the gaps close.

Some laminate flooring product also double coating the laminate flooring, make it avoid from scratch.

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Because it consists of foam under the surfaces, the glass cup that stumbles upon laminate flooring will bounce instead of cracking.

This is a great invention to prevent damage to kitchen tools.

3rd Reasons: Laminate Flooring Design

Another reason why you should love laminate flooring is that they offer you a lot of design options.

From the pattern, colour, and width, they have more collection rather than hardwood flooring.

While the colour or pattern still doesn’t match what the customer wants, the brands already prepare it to look for the customer.

Here’s the full detail of laminate flooring design.

  • Pattern

Every laminate flooring at least has 5 collections of patterns in their brand. Most of them provide classic style and wood-alike pattern of laminate flooring.

There is also additional pattern like trendy, European, stone and ceramic mimic or even more wood options in some brands.

We can also mix and matched the laminate flooring with crossing the style. They also have surface embossed to make the pattern more real.

  • Colour

Different from hardwood flooring, the laminate flooring offer tons of colour.

Start from pale colour to dark colour, or pastel colour to eccentric colour, they list all of the colors in their options.

This is an advantage for you who always confused when choosing the colour of flooring. You can pick it freely just like you want.

  • Width

The laminate flooring width varies from 5 – 8 inch wide planks. They also have large planks, with more than 13 widths to be placed in a room that already measured.

By the various wide of the plank, the laminate flooring has, you can save your expense for another necessity.

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You can buy it directly in their store or website, and install it right away.

4th Reasons: Laminate Flooring Installation

Installing laminate flooring is considered easy. You can watch DIY videos of laminate flooring installation and prepare additional materials.

If the laminate flooring you buy has a special feature like automatic locking systems or attached pad, you only need rubber to ensure the flooring is floating.

As long as you pay attention to the detail, you can do it properly and perfectly. The uninstallation is also easy.

You can directly uninstall it since the flooring is in a floating position.

5th Reasons: Laminate Flooring Maintenance and Care

You can maintain the laminate flooring with vacuum the dirt, debris and dust that stayed in the room.

After that, prepare the microfiber cloth and laminate cleaner spray to make the surfaces always in a good condition and avoid stain or scratches.

Don’t use a wet mop and strong chemical cleaner for laminate flooring. It will make your laminate flooring damaged easily and break its surface.

Because there are tons of brand that sell the laminate flooring, you can choose it wisely by reading the review of each brand and product.

You can search it, or simply ask people who know the things about laminate flooring.

Consider you are new to the club; you should be careful about the product you choose. Adjust it with your necessity and your budget.

Discount may be applicable in a particular marketplace and store.

Good luck with that!