How to Pick Best Carpet For Your Stair

Best Carpet For Your Stair

Do you have a house with the stairs? Most of the houses in the USA consist of 2nd floor. There are the living room, kitchen on the 1st floor.

Up to the stairs, there are bedroom and study room where the task and academic activities doing. If your house has classic styles, the stairs usually made of wood and polished with glossy paint.

If you have modern styles of stairs, the bright colour and artificial material may insist on the stairs.

To maintain the stairs, you also have something to make the coating always in a good condition.

One of the effective ways to keep is with carpet. You can choose any carpet, but you should see the product that won’t make slippery.

If you are now wanting to install the carpet in your stairs, you can check our article below to make you understand about the best carpet option for your stairs.

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Carpet Quality and Durability

Most of the carpet that sells by the brands for residential use is middle to the premium quality carpet.

Unless it is for one occasion, the carpet quality maybe creates from lower quality material for exact use such as one-night event or showcase.

But, most of the residential living carpet use the high-quality carpet in top of their stair surfaces.

Besides it’s more durable than the standard one, the high-quality carpet will protect your stairs from any strain and scratches.

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It also avoids the slippery accident in the stairs.

Talking about quality means talking about durability too. The suitable carpet for stairs is the one with high durability.

It’s not matching with the carpet you use in your bedroom, living room, or dining room. When using the stairs, the weight must be over from when you just step into usual flooring.

Because of this difference, you may choose the high durability of carpet that features flooring double protection and strong materials.

It’s better if the underlayer is had sturdy texture.

Carpet Thickness and Protection

You need to be considerate about the carpet thickness that you want to install in the stairs.

Because of the mass traffic of stairs, you need to put quite a thick carpet over the surfaces.

The 10mm until 15mm carpet will do, but with no slippery underlayer. But be careful, not all thick carpet have good quality.

There is also thick carpet that full of air so it just gave more burden in your house.

The thin carpet with sophisticated quality has the “thickest” feature that will support your stairs.

If the material is pressed into pretty tight shape, it could keep your family members away from stumbling upon the stairs.

The density, the pile height and padding need to be noticed for proper installation of carpet in your stairs.

To make it stronger, you can also add some light glue under the carpet to prevent unpredictable moving while stepping on the stairs.

Regarding the thickness of the carpet, you also need to know whether they have a warranty for factory failure of the carpet. The warranty act as further protection for the carpet.

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Usually, you can submit the replacement of carpet if there’s nothing to do with the carpet but the surfaces or underlayer is damaged. As for the stairs, there is no warranty coverage for that.

But consider the stairs are also an important part to put carpet, some brands initiate the stairs warranty for carpet.

Carpet Style and Appearance

Indeed, people need to be looking for styles and appearance of the carpet to be installed in their stairs. There is a lot of design and colour for carpets.

You can easily find it in the market place or the store. Unfortunately, it’s not as much as laminate flooring that offers you with a various collection of flooring.

The carpet, however, maintains to be simpler to give the homey look to the house.

There is some random design for a carpet, but it won’t be suitable for the stairs as it’s not the specific room.

For the width and length, the carpet is shaped based on the carpet direction.

For example, if the door is on the right way, you need to put that particular position like vertical position or horizontal version.

You can’t mix the direction as you want because it will make it less decorated and hard to clean.

It’s different if you follow the reference of direction.

Carpet Soil Resistance and Treatment

When choosing a carpet, you should also see if they are soil resistance.

Moreover, if you have children, there’s a higher chance for you to always clean the carpet if it’s not supported by soil resistance.

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By having soil resistance features, the dirt and seams will be hidden between the surfaces and layer of the carpet.

The treatment also matters as the features may didn’t work because of the lack of treatment.

Clean the carpet with the vacuum periodically and don’t forget to ensure all of the dirt were taken in the process of vacuum.

Carpet Installation and How to Put Carpet in Stringers

The carpet installation is not hard, but it may be tricky to put that in stairs. To ensure the safety, you may call the professional to install the carpet in your stairs.

They will know how to do that properly and safely. It also happens for putting carpet in the stringers.

To make it more efficient, you can let the stringers open while the flooring is covered with the carpet.

We recommend you to search for a suitable carpet of stairs. One of them js Mohawk SmartStrand Collection that strong enough for carpet stairs.

After knowing how to pick the best carpet for your stairs, you need to know how to maintain the carpet.

To install carpet in the stairs, you need to know their thickness. The thicker the carpet, the more it causes a slippery effect.

So, prepare the slim one (not a thin carpet) to minimalize the accident that causes by carpet.

Moreover, it’s the stairs. Indeed, you don’t want rollover when using the stairs.

Always clean the carpet too to prevent bacteria.