How to Measure The Carpet You Need for Your House

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When you want to put some flooring, whether it’s laminate flooring or hardwood flooring, you need to measure it. It’s doing to find out the exact width and length you need for the flooring things.

If the measure is not doing properly, you may face a problem when the flooring you prepare will be shortened or longer than it should be.

Indeed, you have to work twice just to measure the flooring. To prevent that, you need to look out if that’s the perfect size for your house.

That’s also going to carpet. For some people, carpet is needed in their house for decoration matter.

But most people fail to measure carpet because they didn’t know some tricks to match the flooring with the carpet they want to use.

If you are one of the people who are confused on measure carpet, here we give you an article of how to measure the carpet you need in your house with this article.

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Keep The Carpet Position

How do you feel if your flooring put in a different position?

One in the horizontal position and the other is in a vertical position. Of course, it would take more energy to do that and waste a lot of money and materials in installing the flooring.

That also same with the carpet. If you want to measure the carpet, prepare the tape measure and decide how you want to measure it.

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Whether it starts from the door or start from the inside of the room, you need to be precise.

How can you know the best step to measure the carpet and determine how much carpet you need?

The answer is you have to count on the tile. This will be explained deeply later, but we will spill a little of that.

If the existing flooring is a tile flooring, you only need to count the amount of tile in a row and a block.

Then, add it one by one, so you can find the approximate measure of carpet you need.

It’s easy, but it’s quite confusing if you don’t understand how it works.

Find Out The Traffic Direction

As we said earlier, the position of the carpet determines the carpet direction.

Let’s say it with example. If you have a bedroom that the door is on the left bottom side, you need to know where the traffic will happen and where the feet of the people step.

If you want to install the carpet from the left to the right, the carpet won’t carry the weight of people because the position is not proper.

Then, what’s the perfect position for the room that places a door in the left bottom side?

Indeed, because people will enter the room from the bottom, it should be vertical.

When they walk, the carpet will protect the flooring and also keep the seam and dirt in an exact position. Imagine if the carpet is installed in a horizontal position.

The dirt will be spread everywhere and it can’t be controlled just by vacuum it.

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That’s why the position is really important. A little thing, maybe, but sometimes a big thing value nothing when the little thing is not considered.

Measure The Room for Carpet

At the beginning of the explanation, we already said the carpet measurements need to be count by the amount of tile in a row and a block.

If there are a 4 row and 5 blocks, then you should count it first and multiply it as the amount of row and blocks.

There is also another measurement to be understood, so we will list it to make you more understand.

  • Tile Measurements

The easiest measurement and most understandable measurement is tile measurement. As we said it before, you need to only count the tile.

For example, the amount of row is 5 and the amount of block is 3. Then, the tile in the row is 3 and the block is 7.

After that, you need to multiply it. The result is 15′ by 21′, which means the width is 15 square of feet and the length is 21 squares of feet.

By this measurement, you can directly pick the matched carpet size.

  • Room Measurements

You need to prepare the tape measurement for this occasion. First, measure the width of the floor. Then, continue to measure the length.

After that, if you already found out the size and add all of the centimeters, you can divide the result with 30.5 centimeters. You can see how much you need the carpet in a square of the foot.

To make it efficient, you can also add 5-10 centimeters, just in case you need more carpet.

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Then, you can cut it by matching it with the room you intend to install the carpet.

Rolling Carpet in a Wider Room

If the rolling carpet is used for wider room, you can buy another rolling carpet to complete the rest of the flooring that uncovered.

Although it’s not urgent, you can save more expenses if you buy the carpet in a bulk.

Put the rolling in the wider rooms first, and cut it carefully if the length and width are more than you predict.

This step also prevents you to buy the carpet in a square of foot size that will have a higher chance to spoil the decoration.

Carpet Design and Installation

The carpet design and installation also take a part in carpet measurements.

The carpet with the crowded design will be seen wider, meanwhile, the plain one will make it smaller.

Choose the design wisely and match it with walls and floorings. You can install it by yourself if it’s just for one room or simply just to ask the professional to install in a wider room.

If you still don’t know how to measure the carpet you need for your house, you can hire a professional to buy, install, and maintain your carpet.

That’s better if you have enough budget so you can do it with the expert.

But if you insist to save some money for another occasion, you can just watch the DIY video and ask some people for the carpet measure.

Hope this helps you!