Commercial-Grade Laminate Flooring Review and What You Need to Know

Commercial-Grade Laminate Flooring Review

Today, we see lots of house in the USA using laminate flooring to decorate their house. Moving from hardwood flooring to the artificial flooring not always mean bad things.

The laminate flooring gives much important impact on your house. You can save your expenses and you can also choose the design freely.

The use of laminate flooring make people who run the business get interested in installing the laminate flooring in their store.

Talking about business, indeed, they always associate anything with profit.

And knowing about the affordable price of flooring make them wonder the commercial-grade laminate flooring quality. It should be saving a penny for another thing to run the business.

If you are one of the businessmen that seek for the commercial-grade laminate flooring review, you can understand it by scrolling our article.

The Construction of Laminate Flooring

Before dive deep into commercial-grade laminate flooring, you need to know first the construction of laminate flooring.

It will make you know the origin of laminate flooring and understand the details of laminate flooring.

The laminate flooring texture consists of high-density fiberboard filler made from recycled materials.

The back part also creates from recycled material but it’s strong enough even if it’s thin layers. It touched the subfloor later if you install it.

In the top of that, there are printed layer in surfaces. From wood-alike to stone mimic, tile, or ceramic appearance.

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It happens as one of the benefits of laminate flooring because you can choose it without using the real wood, stone, tile or ceramic flooring.

In the other side, you can save your expenses by buying a well-designed laminate flooring rather than buy the real one.

Indeed, there’s a difference. But the laminate flooring is easier to install and maintain.

Above printed layer, there’s a heat-fuse plastic laminate layer to prevent stain and to protect the laminate flooring from dirt.

It’s also used to make the floor cool and comfortable. The liquids that pour over the laminate flooring will not be going down directly if the plastic laminate layer put properly in the process of making.

The difference between commercial-grade laminate flooring and residential use came from quality.

Grade of Laminate Flooring

Like every product, laminate flooring has a grade of quality based on abrasion criteria. The higher the abrasion criteria, the more it resists to mass traffic of use.

The abrasion also determined the durability of the laminate flooring, from the water-resistant, burns and any other occasions regarding the on-going activities in the room.

To understand the grade of laminate flooring, you need to see the list below of grade of laminate flooring.

  1. AC1

The first type of abrasion criteria is suitable only for a bedroom. It’s because the resistance is designed for a low traffic area.

The materials usually created in bulk materials, so it won’t be durable for higher traffic areas. The AC1 type also can be used in the study room.

It’s important to put this type in matched or area to prevent damaged and breakdown laminate flooring.

  • AC2
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The AC2 type used for higher traffic areas such as dining room or living room.

It’s because the type designed for handle weight burden more than AC1 type but it doesn’t applicable for commercial use.

You can also use the AC2 type for bathroom, but you need to make sure the laminate flooring has water-resistant technology inside it.

  • AC3

If you don’t want to be confused because of the grade of laminate flooring, you can easily install the laminate flooring with AC3 type.

This type is suitable for every room or areas, and the most popular type in the USA household.

With using this, you can save your energy and the laminate flooring in your house will be more durable rather than install the laminate flooring differently by the type.

  • AC4

The type is created for more moderate traffic and the layer is thick. It is usually used for commercial matter.

Mostly, the average traffic of stores such as pet shop or jeweler store. For more durable and resist laminate flooring, the answer is in AC5.

  • AC5

This is what we’ve been talked about. AC5 is the maximum grade in laminate flooring and used only for commercial matters.

It’s fitted well the necessity of shopping Centre, department store, beauty store, and any other areas with high traffic.

You can’t use it for residential use because the texture is too hard.

Treatment for Commercial-Grade Laminate Flooring

The basic treatment for commercial-grade use is quite effective.

Because the structure is made with a premium quality material and made with the more intense process, they can be exposed in the sun lighting without making the surface faded.

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The flooring also has additional criteria for warranty, so you need to clean it periodically.

How to Install The Commercial-Grade Laminate Flooring

If the laminate flooring has attached pad and underlayment, actually you can install it right away.

But, if you don’t want to the installation is not doing perfectly and properly, you can just call the professional to hire them.

They will understand how to install the commercial-grade laminate flooring and give extra treatment when installation.

The Commercial-Grade Design Options

There are several designs to be chosen for commercial use of laminate flooring.

Most brands have bamboo or wood appearance, both in light and dark colour. The commercial-grade laminate flooring also created from the basic material, not the recycle materials.

It will affect the styles of commercial-grade laminate flooring. After knowing the details about commercial-grade laminate flooring, you need to know how to clean the laminate flooring periodically.

Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt, debris, and dust. Then, to make sure the dirt gone, dampen the cloth and wipe it to the laminate flooring.

If you want to have special treatment, you can search in the online shop or store the cleaner for laminate flooring.

Sprayed it through the laminate flooring, and wipe it with a cloth. We suggest you to use a microfiber cloth to keep the quality of your commercial-grade laminate flooring.

Good luck with that!