Help Us Start the Swinery Community Cookbook Library and get 10% Off!

Clearly, we at the Swinery love good food. The only thing we love more than good food, is sharing good food. In the spirit of sharing we thought we would start a community library of cookbooks that Swinery friends can browse in the store or borrow for an evening to use in their own kitchen. Of course in order to do this, we need some cookbooks and if you’re like us, you’ve got plenty lying around so starting today if you bring a used (or new) cookbook to donate to the library you’ll get 10% off your purchase in the shop*!

Recap: Bring in a cookbook, get 10% off in the shop. So go browse through all those cookbooks you’ve been collecting and see if there are any you’d like to share, we promise you can come back and visit them anytime.


* 10% discount in the shop only, does not apply to the courtyard cafe