Who is who?

Joey Brewer

Head Butcher & Co-Owner

A native of Washington state, Joseph Brewer discovered his passion for cuisine

during his formative years in New York City, cooking in various kitchens

throughout one of the world’s greatest food cities. Upon returning to Seattle in

his late twenties, the young chef encountered personal setbacks that threatened to

temporarily derail his culinary dreams. Ever the fighter, Joey joined the renowned

FareStart Culinary Arts Job Training Program in 2007 where he received invaluable

training and support, as well as the opportunity to work alongside celebrated Seattle

chefs. Joey went on to find success in a supervisory position at The 5 Spot (a Chow

Foods restaurant), handling everything from menu development, quality control and

food preparation to scheduling, ordering and inventory. In 2009, Joey joined West

Seattle’s Jak’s Grill as the lead line cook where his commitment to producing the

highest quality food led him to The Swinery, where he is now the head butcher and